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RR GreenField International School

RR GreenField International School is a renowned educational institution located in Madhepura, Bihar, that offers comprehensive education based on the CBSE curriculum from Nursery to 12th grade.


The school is committed to providing a nurturing and challenging learning environment that prepares students to be responsible global citizens. With a team of highly qualified and experienced educators, the school focuses on the holistic development of students, including academic excellence, character building, and leadership skills.


The state-of-the-art facilities, advanced teaching methods, and extracurricular activities make RR Greenfield School one of the best schools in Madhepura, ensuring that students receive an outstanding education that prepares them for a successful future.

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Why Us

RR GreenField International School

  • Affordable education: RR GreenField International School aims to provide quality education at an affordable price. This makes it accessible to families from all backgrounds who want to give their children a good education.
  • Holistic education: The school provides a holistic education that focuses not just on academic learning but also on extracurricular activities and character-building. This helps students develop into well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the skills and values needed to succeed in life.
  • Experienced and dedicated teachers: The school has a team of experienced and dedicated teachers who are committed to providing a nurturing and supportive learning environment for their students. They use innovative teaching methods to make learning engaging and fun for students.
  • Inclusivity and diversity: RR GreenField International School promotes a culture of inclusivity and diversity, where students from all backgrounds are welcome. This helps students learn about different cultures and perspectives, and fosters a sense of empathy and respect for others.

Holistic Approach to Education

At RR Greenfield School, the focus is not only on academic excellence, but also on the holistic development of each student. 

Experienced & Dedicated Faculty

The teachers are passionate about their work and go the extra mile to ensure that each student receives individual attention and support.

Modern Infrastructure

The campus is designed to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for students.

Maximise your child’s potential with

Explore. Elevate. Excel

Aspire program is a curation of globally recognised - sports, performing arts, 21st-century skills, and sustainability programs that are taught by experts.

Centre of

The Centre of Well-being is designed to address the emotional and mental needs of our students to help them develop into mindful and resilient young adults.

Future Ready,

Our career guidance program combines internships, networking opportunities, and counselling to ensure that every student of RR GreenField  is guided to find their north star.




Sports facilities in schools provide students with opportunities to engage in physical activity, develop important life skills, and promote overall health and wellbeing.

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Library facilities in schools provide students with access to a wide range of resources, including books, journals, and digital materials, to support their learning and personal growth.


Transport Facility 

Transport facilities in schools provide safe and convenient transportation for students, enabling access to education and reducing travel-related stress for both students and parents.



Hostel facility in schools provides students with a safe and convenient accommodation option while allowing them to focus on their studies and extracurricular activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Admission

Contact the school's admission office or visit our website to obtain the admission form, fill it out with the required details and submit it along with the necessary documents to apply for admission in RR GreenField International School Madhepura.

Where is school Located 

RR GreenField International School Madhepura is located in the ADARSH NAGAR WARD NO 08, near HARIZON SCHOOL, Madhepura, Bihar 852113  , India.

What Board does school cater 

RR GreenField International School Madhepura caters to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board.

Does the school Provide Bus facility 

Yes, RR Greenfield International  School Madhepura provides bus facilities for their students.

Can i pay fees online

Yes, RR Greenfield International School Madhepura provides online payment facilities for paying school fees.

Does the school Provide Hostel facility 

Yes, RR GreenField International School Madhepura provides Hostel facilities for  students.

Our Main Head 

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Welcome to our school! As the director, I am proud to introduce you to our community of learners. Our school is a place where students are challenged to grow academically, socially, and emotionally.

We provide a nurturing environment that encourages creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to ensure that every student feels valued and supported..

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We, at RR GreenField International School  believe that every child has potential, education and training should be so designed as to enable students with diverse abilities, interests and aptitudes to unleash their full potential, thereby becoming well equipped, not just to meet the challenges of the 21st century, but also empowered to foster positive changes that make the world a better place to live in.

School Address

ADARSH NAGAR WARD NO 08, near HARIZON SCHOOL, Madhepura, Bihar 852113


Phone number : 7903059909 | 8210215818


Email id : rrgreenfieldsch@gmail.com


Website Details : www.rrgreenfieldmadhepura.in